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It is then clear that one will not come to 'God' with one's sin, but instead will try to hide in the dark, rebel against 'God' or bury one's 'talent' for fear of making 'mistakes', if the image one sees of 'God' is that 'God' is a 'satanic tyrant'..! But just listen to what Jesus, as the Bible's only image of God himself says in the New Testament, Luke chapter 15: Click here >>>

We are currently living in a time of grace where God offers to adopt any human being who will inherit the Kingdom of God on the basis of God's testament (the Bible). God has created You sovereignly with Your own free will. Therefore, the confession of sin (taking responsibility) and repentance (making decisions) are the very key to Your Creator and Your transformation by God's own intervention into what God had thought from the beginning; Man created in God's image in a direct everyday fellowship with God and the Creator. God through Jesus Christ has said YES. Now You must use Your free will and say THANK YOU.

1: Recognize God's view of sin and accept God's forgiveness (He paid Your punishment.)
2: Confess Your sin (take responsibility) in relation to the '10 Commandments and Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.'
3: Repent of Your sin (allow God's transformation according to Jesus' commandments and thoughts for Your life.)
4: Act on what You know. Find a living, Bible-believing disciple of Jesus and be baptized with full immersion under water in the "Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit" (dead with Christ and risen with Christ) to the only one who has ever died and risen for Your sake.

The New Testament, Matthew chapter 3 and Mark chapter 1:
"In those days, John the Baptist comes forth and preaches in the Judean wilderness: Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has drawn near!"
"From then on (the baptism of Jesus) Jesus began to preach: Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has drawn near!"
(Now is the possibility of transformation)

New Testament, Revelation chapter 3:
"Be zealous and repent! Behold, I stand at the door and knock; If someone hears me and opens the door, I will go to him and have dinner with him and he with me. Whoever overcomes, I will seat with me on my throne, just as I have conquered and have taken my seat with my Father on his throne. He who has an ear shall hear what the Spirit says to the congregations."